Learn About Annuities For Legacy

Annuities for Legacy

Leaving behind money to your loved ones is a high priority for many retirees.  Annuities are an excellent vehicle for that because they grow tax deferred and pass directly to the named beneficiaries and bypass probate court.  All annuities have a beneficiary designation, but some annuities are designed to maximize beneficiary or, legacy payouts through the use of a guaranteed, fixed accumulation rate that grows regardless of any interest crediting or index performance. These special “Legacy” accounts grow separate from the annuity value and cannot be cashed out by the owner, but will convert to money when the annuitant passes away.  Another popular form of an annuity designed for legacy is called a “charitable gift annuity.” With a charitable gift annuity, the annuitant is considered a “donor” and they will give the money into an annuity and transfer ownership to the charity of their choice which is a tax deductible gift.. The donor will then receive lifetime payments from the annuity, however, these payments are lower than if annuitized in a SPIA, DIA or even a lifetime income rider, please consult your tax advisor when it comes to charitable gift annuities and how much can be written off.


Lifetime Income

Only annuities can offer guaranteed lifetime income.  Find out more about the different options for lifetime income from annuities and see what best suits your needs.


Safe Growth

More and more, consumers are turning to annuities for guaranteed safe growth without any risk to their principal.  These products are evolving more and more each year to satisfy the safe growth need during times of market uncertainty.


Create A Legacy

Giving to our loved ones when we die is a top priority for many consumers. Whether it’s our spouses, or our family and beyond, there are annuities that are designed for just that purpose.


Long-Term Care

Annuities are not long term care insurance, but many Americans find themselves in a place where they can’t afford or qualify for long term care insurance. There are annuities designed to be alternatives to long term care insurance that can provide much needed funds to pay for end of life care.


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